It seems that the prospect of the BMW i4 entering production (this is set to happen in 2021) has many driving enthusiasts excited, as there is a plethora of articles and videos comparing it to other EVs (both upcoming and already on the market).

This particular video by TheStraightPipes looks at whether it will be a strong competitor for the likes of Tesla and its Model 3. And on first impressions, it really is a worthy Tesla rival in terms of battery capacity, range and performance, plus the fact that it should be even more fun to drive (given BMW’s track record of making enjoyable driver’s cars in most segments it enters).

Part of the enjoyment will probably come from the augmented sounds being played in the cabin while you’re driving the car. As with other EVs that employ this tactic, these fake motor whirs and whooshes will probably not be played at all when the car is in its green mode and they will get progressively louder as the driver goes up through the driving modes to the sportiest one.

The video’s two hosts say it also looks better than a Tesla, at least in concept form, both inside and out. Regarding its interior, just like the exterior, most of it will make it into production, although as they note in the video, the concept lacks cupholders, sun visors and the panoramic roof is not tinted which would result in unpleasantly high temperatures inside.

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