When Tesla finally revealed the Cybertruck, it was understandably in concept form. It was huge, as expected, however, not as massive as some thought it may be. This is because CEO Elon Musk gave the impression that it might be ridiculously large. Despite its more reasonable size, the Cybertruck will be too big to fit in many people's garages.

After this was pointed out to Musk and his team, there was talk about changing the Cybertruck's design to some degree. One change was to make it a bit smaller. If you watched the recent clip from Jay Leno's Garage, Musk told Leno the truck will likely be downsized by about 5 percent. Now, that story has changed.

While there will certainly still be changes to the Cybertruck ahead of production, making it smaller is no longer in the cards. Musk tweeted that after reviewing the Cybertruck design with Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, the 5 percent reduction is too much.

In fact, Musk admitted even a 3 percent reduction is too small. So, the Cybertruck will come to market in prototype size. If you were excited to get a Teslaelectric pickup truck that would fit in your garage, you'll have to wait. Musk says perhaps Tesla will "do a smaller, tight world truck at some point."


As far as other adjustments are concerned, there hasn't really been any further clarification. Musk did tell Leno he wants the production Cybertruck to be even better than the prototype. He also mentioned changing the angle of the glass for better visibility, but it wasn't clear what he was talking about. Hopefully, the full episode of Jay Leno's Garage will reveal more, though Musk can easily change his mind again.

Do you like the size of the Cybertruck? Had you hoped for a smaller version? Do you really think people would plan to put this thing in their garage in the first place? It seems most pickup truck owners don't garage their large trucks. Let us know your thoughts and observations in the comment section below.

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