For me, the epitome of luxury cars are big, lavish coupes with long hoods, the kind of cars that just look like they could cover a continent without breaking a sweat. However, while there are currently plenty of fancy two-door cars to cover vast distances in the utmost comfort and style, pretty much all of them burn a lot of gasoline (or diesel in some rare cases).

Now I know this is quite far fetched, but I think there could be a market for a two-door Tesla Model S, with an even bigger battery than what’s currently offered, sold at a higher price point than the four-door model. Granted, Tesla would not sell that many of these cars, but it would be a nice halo model to crown its range, one that I think would be better suited to that role than the upcoming Roadster.

The Roadster will be just plain too fast for everyday use, and if it will stay true to the concept, it will be a low-slung thing aimed more at performance than comfort. This two-door Model S, on the other hand, would be a cosseting fast cruiser to just eat up the miles in - a kind of electric alternative to an Aston Martin DBS, Bentley Continental GT or the new Ferrari Roma.

Renderings portraying a two-door Model S are nothing new - they’ve been around for years, appearing essentially right after the Tesla sedan made its debut. This proves there is interest in such a model, so what I’ve tried to do here is picture a more modern one, based on the facelifted version of the Model S with headlight clusters similar to those of the Roadster concept.

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