Several reviewers have called the Model Y a top choice, but it's important not to get bamboozled.

We haven't heard from good old Vinny Bamboozalini for some time. It's probably because the Tesla Model Y is the first new Tesla vehicle to come to market in a few years. If you're not familiar with Vinny, he's not a fan of Tesla. In fact, his goal in life is to make sure you don't buy one. He's a trusted automotive advisor who owns a car dealership. If you buy a Tesla, Vinny loses money.

In this recent episode, Vinny is joined by one of his anti-Tesla friends, Ronny G from the parts department. If you buy a Tesla, he's not going to be able to sell you parts or make money repairing your car. The two fill us in about the new Tesla Model Y electric crossover so we don't make the mistake, get bamboozled, and go buy one.

Vinny and Ronny are concerned that Tesla fans believe everything Mr. Tesla (Elon Musk) tells them. This could lead people to make terrible and hasty decisions.

They say no one wants computers in their car, let alone video games that will make you crash. Plus, if your car breaks, you have to wait for Musk to send a mobile ranger to fix it (and it probably won't be Franz von Holzhausen on a horse, though that would be pretty sweet). In addition, car parts are an American staple (wait, don't many come from overseas?). Since Teslas don't have many parts, American parts suppliers will fail.

These are only some of the reasons you should never buy a Model Y. You should also never believe everything you read online or see on social media. However, in these uncertain times, there's always room for some good comedy.

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Don't Buy a Model Y! - Vinny Bamboozalini and Ronny G

On today's episode Vinny Bamboozalini and Ronny G tell you why you Shouldn't buy a Tesla Model Y!

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