We barely recognized Sean Mitchell with the long hair and Sandy Munro without the mask. Jokes aside, this isn't the first time our good friend Mitchell has interviewed Munro, and we're confident it won't be the last. As usual, the conversation between these two is enlightening.

Mitchell promised this latest Munro interview and reached out to his followers for advice on the best questions to ask. Even if you've watched every Munro Model Y teardown video and read all of our related articles, you'll learn something new here. Munro could talk for days without running out of new material.

First of all, Munro makes it clear that Tesla did not pay him any money. People have suggested that Tesla could pay someone like Munro to assure positive mentions. According to Munro, that's not the case. In fact, he still hasn't received any money related to his Model Y study, since, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are holding off on buying the reports.

Munro also clarified that he pays full price for the cars through Munro & Associates. So, the organization owns one of the Model y crossovers. The other car belongs to a Chinese testing company, but they delivered it to Munro for the time being.

There are lots of juicy nuggets in the video. We suggest carving out some time and making some popcorn. Overall, Munro says the Model Y is the best EV Tesla makes. However, he talks about the fact that Tesla does things so differently, that he doesn't even pretend to know what or why in some cases, such as making its own metals, which is almost unheard of among automakers.

While Munro is overly positive about Tesla, and specifically, the Model Y and Model 3, he's clear that there are always improvements to be made. The noisy heat pump is not a positive. Noise almost always means energy is being wasted and the part isn't going to last.

At any rate, sit back, relax, and take it all in. Then, let's get some conversation started in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

Sandy Munro: Model Y is the best EV Tesla makes

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