Electrify America wants to know your opinion of how they are doing. They've actually told us this in the past, but now they've added a link to a customer satisfaction survey in the email receipt the customer receives upon completion of a charging session. 

It's good to hear that the network is actively seeking customer feedback, but it also begs the question: What will they do with it? If they simply gather data and don't use it to improve the customer experience, then what was the point?

We're not suggesting that will happen, but we will follow up with the network in the future to discuss their survey findings, along with what, if anything, they plan to do to correct whatever shortcomings are exposed. 

Electrify America survey
Page one of the survey just asks to rate your experience

Electrify America has released a new survey feature to gather more feedback from its customers as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the charging experience at its stations. Customers will receive a brief, anonymous 3 question survey in their receipt after charging with Electrify America. These questions will help Electrify America to understand the charging experience from a wide variety of customer views, identify potential opportunities for improvement  and help to further expand on successful features.  - Electrify America spokesperson 

It's a simple, anonymous two-page survey with only three questions that takes all of one minute to fill out. On the first screen, you're asked to rate the charging session from one to five stars. You then go to the second page that has 13 options, of which you're allowed to select three. The options are:

  • Charger Performance
  • Charging station screen
  • Wait time
  • Cable length and handling
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Lighting
  • Surroundings/retail amenities
  • Charging speed (power level)
  • Customer service
  • Electrify America app
  • Plug compatibility (CCS CHAdeMO L2)
  • Payment issues (credit card/debit card)
Electrify America survey

While the 13 selections are always the same, the question Electrify America asks you on page two changes, depending on how many stars you gave them on the first page.

Here's how it goes:

  • If you gave 5 stars, you're asked: What went great?
  • If you gave 4 stars, you're asked: What could be better?
  • If you gave 3 stars, you're asked: What needs improvement?
  • If you gave 2 stars, you're asked: What problems did you encounter?
  • If you gave 1 star, you're asked:   What went wrong?

There's also a field at the end where you're encouraged to add whatever additional comments you'd like. 

The one thing I'd like to add is that I think Electrify America should make the link to the survey more noticeable on the email receipt they send. It's currently at the bottom of the receipt and doesn't stand out enough for many people to notice it, in my opinion. Here's a screenshot of a receipt I received recently. The receipt is clipped in half so the text isn't too small on the screenshot.

Electrify America survey
The link to the Electrify America survey is at the bottom of your receipt.

The last thing I'll note is that I have personally noticed better results in my experiences using the Electrify America network in recent months. When the network first launched it seemed that every time I tried to initiate a session I had some kind of problem.

However, that hasn't been the case recently. I've had a MINI Cooper SE and a Nissan LEAF Plus on media loan the past three weeks, and I just now got a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV for a week. I've been charging the vehicles on the Electrify America network on a daily basis and my experience has been great. 

I will also note that on two occasions in the past three weeks when I arrived at the site there were technicians performing preventative maintenance on the stations, another good sign that Electrify America is working to improve station uptime. 

MINI Cooper SE Road Trip
A MINI Cooper SE charging at an Electrify America station

Electrify America says they have no intention of sharing the information with any other entities or to the public. We will, however, follow up with the network in the future and ask them what they've learned, and what, if any, steps they're taking as a result of the findings. 

So the next time you use the Electrify America network, check your receipt and follow the link to the survey. Let them know what you like or don't like about their services. After all, they are asking for it.

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