The Model X didn't push Benoit away from Tesla, but the YouTuber feels he got really scammed this time.

Rich Benoit does not refrain from going public when he gets burned in any of his businesses. Back in January, he confessed his Model X broke him big time. He also told us when Delores lost its supercharging capacity. Now, it seems Benoit is tired of waiting for compensation and decided to make a seller feel the heat after delivering a Tesla without a battery to the YouTuber. Yes, you read that right.

Benoit decided to buy a donor car for an attractive price without seeing it first. When it was delivered, his partners said it was too light, and that was the case because the salvage Model S in question did not have a battery pack. Benoit thought it was a 75D, but it ended up being just a D.

The video gives us the impression that Benoit has been trying to solve this for over a year now. The seller promised to make it up, but the YouTuber is tired of waiting and believe he got scammed. If that was not the case, he decided not to reveal the seller’s identity so that he can get this straight.

The question now is if the anonymous seller will choose to remain anonymous or if he will wait for Benoit’s next video telling who he is. That will certainly be so bad for business we don’t understand why this guy has not provided Benoit a refund or a battery pack and other stuff the YouTuber had for sure that this salvage vehicle would provide.

Apparently, the idea was to give Delores Autopilot and to put Angela – another of his Teslas – to work again with new front subframes and a battery. Will it have that, anonymous seller?

Video Description Via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

So I bought a rare Tesla to finish some other projects .....sight unseen. I thought I got a great deal on the car....turns out I was incorrect.

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