Expert teardown engineer Sandy Munro continues his Tesla Model Y journey. In this episode, he provides more information about the new Tesla crossover's unique windshield shape, along with some of his ideas about possible accommodations for future right-hand-drive models.

However, arguably the best – or at least most exciting – part of this video is when Munro surprises us by suddenly smashing the Model Y's door glass. To see it happen, scroll to the 4:30 mark. It happens so fast it almost appears Munro does this with his bare hands. However, if you look closely, or scroll to the slo-mo version at 6:10, you can see that he swings a baseball bat right through the glass.

Munro goes into detail about the glass itself. More specifically, he talks about the differences between tempered and laminated glass. He says the glass roof is tempered, as well as laminated. However, the door glass is tempered but not laminated. This is typical in cars to reduce the likelihood of injury if it breaks. It shatters into small pieces that aren't sharp. 

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Video Description via Munro Live on YouTube:

Model Y E25: Glass Day at Munro

Sandy walks us through the unique geometry on the windshield, potential accommodations for RHD, and the differences between tempered and laminated glass. Finally, we take a close look at the door glass.

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