You may have watched some of this initial footage last week, but there's much more to digest here. Despite the impact of COVID-19, factory shutdowns, and future delays, electric pickup truck startup automaker Rivian continues to push forward.

Rivian is one of the few promising EV makers that's set to launch in the near future. The company's first vehicles will be the R1T electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV. We give Rivian a ton of credit for choosing America's most popular segments to launch its company, as well as securing healthy investments from companies like Amazon and Ford. The R1T stands to be the only true Tesla Cybertruck competitor, at least for some time, though we hope that's not the case.

With limited activity at automotive factories and restrictions on certain activities, there isn't a whole lot of new, original content out there. Fortunately, Rivian continues to enlighten us with unique videos. Top Speed took the time to piece together some official footage to provide this compelling look at Rivian. It's definitely fascinating and worth watching.

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Video Description via Top Speed on YouTube:

Rivian R1T: Building Test Trucks for Tesla Cybertruck's Biggest Rival

Rivian is probably Tesla's biggest rival when it comes to the all-electric pickup truck market. With its R1T, Rivian aims to deliver a no-compromise adventure truck with zero emissions.
This video shows how the American start-up builds its test vehicles and the state of manufacturing.

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