This TeslaCam video shows a Tesla speeding away from a stoplight. The driver didn't notice the police were right behind though. Does the cop pursue the speeding Tesla?

Every once in a while we find ourselves seeking a bit of need for speed. Though perhaps we're not technically breaking any laws, like exceeding the speed limit, most of us have launched it a time or two from a stoplight, right?

That's precisely what this Tesla driver is doing in this video right here. He/she guns it from the light and gets up to speed rapidly. Nothing too exciting really. That is, until you look behind the Tesla in this TeslaCam video.

There's a police SUV back there and the Tesla blows it away from the stoplight. Surely the cop will pursue, right? Well, the cop car does activate its lights and seems to be chasing down the Tesla. The officer even shines the spotlight on the Tesla, but does the cop car pull over the electric car? The video cuts, so we're not sure, but it seems the officer was shining the light to warn the driver of the Tesla and then possibly proceed on to more pressing police duties?

We don't suggest you push the pedal like this in public and it's probably not wise to pull away from a police car with such vigor, but what we find interesting here is that the Tesla driver appears to have used TeslaCam to see that indeed there was a cop car directly behind when he/she decided to launch from the stoplight.


Video description via Tesla Cam Videos on YouTube:

Did a quick 0-60 without realizing a patrol was behind me...
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