Lordstown Motors over the past few days released three more teaser videos with its all-electric Endurance pickup truck, tested at the bump track, washboard and hill climb.

The main focus is, of course, on the all-wheel-drive powertrain, with four in-house developed in-wheel motors, described here.

Let's start with the Bump Track test, shown above - Lordstown wrote:

"The Endurance handled this series of speed bumps extremely well. The truck had a firm, solid feel as it navigated this stretch of obstacles.”

The Washboard test

“The washboard was no match for the Endurance. I’ve driven a variety of vehicles over the washboard. The Endurance held its own and passed the test.”

The Hill Climb test

This one is probably the most interesting, as it shows the ability to start on a 15% grade incline.

“A 15% grade on a wet, sloppy course can result in spinning tires and loss of control even when approached with momentum. Stopping on the hill, then restarting, increases the degree of difficulty. Notice that the tires do not spin or slip in this test. Our in-wheel drive system monitors each wheel - every millisecond - and provides precise control and power where and when it is needed.”

As all those tests are more of a marketing demonstration of an early prototype rather than actual tests of a product, we will not draw any conclusions. It's however great to see that Lordstown has the first alpha prototype up and running on such a versatile test facility.

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