It's already been a month since we heard about the Made-in-China (MIC) Long Range version of the Model 3, approved by the Chinese government for sale.

Not much happened since then, but according to the rumors quoted by the Moneyball, this week Tesla might officially launch the MIC Model 3 LR (rear-wheel-drive, we guess) in China.

Moreover, the NEDC range will be 668 km (415 miles):

"Tesla Shanghai long range Model 3 to enter market this week, #China media reports without citing sources.
Earlier reports showed GF3 made version to have 668 km range, 4 km more than imported one."


Tesla's Chinese online design studio still lists only three versions of the car:

Currently, Tesla offers online (U.S. prices as of early March 2020):

  • Standard Range Plus RWD (China): 299,050* yuan ($43,140)
    445 km of range, top speed of 225 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds
  • Long Range AWD (U.S.): 439,900 yuan ($63,459)
    590 km of range, top speed of 233 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds
  • Performance (Long Range AWD) (U.S.): 509,900 yuan ($73,557)
    595 km of range, top speed of 261 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds

* after including a subsidy of 24,750 yuan

The addition of the second version with higher-capacity battery packs would be outstanding news for Tesla we think. It would make the plant more flexible to customer demand.

Who knows, maybe at some point in the future the Tesla Gigafactory 3 will also export the cars to other countries, but a lot depends on the internal demand in China.

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