Rich Rebuilds got his fame for being a pioneer when it came to fixing up damaged Teslas. He still drives the flood-damaged Model S he first fixed up, a car he calls Dolores, which has served him well up until recently when he discovered that Tesla had remotely disabled his car’s ability to fast charge via the Supercharger network.

As Rich points out, Tesla has been disabling Supercharging on more and more cars, including the one bought wrecked and fixed up by Alex Palmeri who runs the LegitStreetCars YouTube channel. He also mentions that this practice won’t really cause outrage, because there aren’t that many Teslas currently on the road that were privately repaired, so this won’t affect a huge number of buyers.

In his latest video, he goes rummaging through a junkyard filled with all sorts of wrecked cars and discusses whether or not buying a wrecked Tesla to fix yourself is still a good deal. He, along with fellow YouTuber Samcrac, stumbles across a few damaged Teslas that could be fixed, but since they probably won’t Supercharger, is fixing them up still worth the trouble?

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