According to the latest news, Tesla is finally ramping up V3 Tesla Supercharger installations in Europe, where since December 2019, only a handful were launched in a few countries.

Now, more sites are under construction, including in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Norway and Italy.

The chargers themselves are manufactured and supplied from the Tesla Gigafactory 2 in New York, which is a great move from a logistical perspective, compared to making them in the western part of the U.S.

Many of those new stations will be 10-20 stalls, and some probably even bigger, which at 250 kW per stall adds up to a serious power of several MW.

The existing network of V2 Superchargers, in most cases, were revamped to 150 kW (from 120 kW).

Supercharging info

New Tesla cars can charge at up to:

  • Model 3 (Standard Range Plus from 2019.36.1 update): 170 kW (previously 100 kW)
  • Model 3 (Mid Range from 2019.40.1.1 update): 200 kW (previously 120 kW)
  • Model 3/Model Y (top of the line Long Range versions): 250 kW
  • Model S/Model X (Long Range "Raven"): 200 kW

Tesla Superchargers peak output:

  • V2: 150 kW (compared to 120 kW originally)
  • V3: 250 kW

Here are various tweets about upcoming new V3 Superchargers, collected by The Driven:

The Netherlands










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