The coronavirus is severely impacting global business in a multitude of ways. Tesla recently shut down its only U.S. vehicle production plant in Fremont, California. Now, reports say the company has had to shut down some of its Superchargers in Spain.

When we first heard about this, we wondered why Superchargers would be forced to close. As far as we know, most other charging stations are still open, as well as gas stations. While all of these establishments can pose a risk, people need to be able to fuel their cars.

According to the report, the Superchargers are being shut down "because they are in establishments that stop operating due to the pandemic."

At the time of writing, the following Tesla Superchargers are closed in Spain:

  • Getafe, Madrid: Hotel Ramada by Wyndham
  • Fuengirola, Malaga: Hotel Higuerón
  • Tarragona: Hotel La Boella
  • Burgos: Hotel Landa. Open between 8 and 22 hours only

Notice that all the stations are affiliated with a hotel. This makes sense since these hotels are closed for business. We can only assume that the stations that currently remain open are of the standalone variety and/or connected to businesses that are still open.

This is something that Tesla may have to consider in the future. It makes more sense for it to focus on standalone Supercharger stations so it has control and isn't impacted by a connected establishment.

If you've noticed any Tesla Supercharger station closings in your area, please let us know in the comment section below.

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