Can we look at the previous Model 3 situation to answer the above question or will it play out differently?

With Tesla Model Y deliveries literally right around the corner (delivery trucks are already en route), months ahead of Tesla's original plans, we wonder how soon the Model Y Standard Range will surface. If we look back at the difficult Model 3 situation and use that as an example, it could be a long time before the "base" Model Y is available for delivery.

With that said, Tesla has come a long way since the Model 3 came to market. Not only did it spend a considerable amount of time working out the bugs related to production and delivery "hell," it has also shown a profit recently. 

Added to the above, while we have no way of knowing for sure, Tesla could be in a position that allows it to see better margins for all variants of the Model Y than it did for the Model 3, especially when considering the delay in launching the Model 3 Standard Range was at least partly due to the fact that the company would lose money and struggle further if it rushed the $35,000 Model 3 to market.

Check out the video above for some speculation about when the Model Y Standard Range may arrive. Then let us know your estimate.

Video Description via Tailosive EV on YouTube:

When do we get Standard Range Model Y?

Let me know your best guess!

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