When you compare numbers, relying solely on percentages can be a tricky thing. If someone had just one meal to eat a day in 2018 – breakfast, for example – getting the chance to have lunch in 2019 represents a 100 percent improvement even if this person is still unable to have dinner. That is more or less what a recent study made by Carwow reveals regarding EV chargers in European countries. It found out Turkey had a 995 percent improvement.

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That massive increase happened when the 76 EV chargers in 2018 became 832 by 2019. For a country of the size of Turkey – which wants to have its own electric manufacturer – that is still not enough.

Romania got second place in this ranking, with a 231 percent increase in EV chargers. Now the 238,397-km² (92,046-mi²) country has a whopping 397 EV chargers. Or one for each 600 km².

Kaufland Puts Romania On The EV Fast Charging Map


There is no precise number for the EV fleet in Romania, but some estimates believe in 3,000 BEVs in that country. That means that each of these 397 chargers theoretically has to cope with a little more than seven cars, but we are talking only about fully-electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid cars must make it even harder to find a charging spot. Unfortunately, we have no idea of how many PHEVs Romania has.

Places with a much broader EV charging network, such as the UK, had smaller increases: only 54 percent from 2018 to 2019, but that led to a total of 27,719 chargers. Anyway, can you conceive that Turkey is a more EV-friendly spot than the UK?

ACEA Fears CO2 Emission Reduction TargetsIn Europe Won’t Be Met

It is a pity the Carwow study stuck with percentages and did not present the absolute numbers for all countries. Here's the ranking.

Top European Countries For Increase Of EV Chargers:

Turkey +995%

Romania +231%

Lithuania +157%

Belgium +117%

Portugal +101%

Spain +75%

Czechia +72%

UK +54%

Germany +52%

Tritium fast chargers at IONITY station

The company also tried to discover the expansion rate of fast chargers. Again, Turkey had a stunning growth percentage: 1,071 percent. Instead of the 7 fast chargers it had in 2018, it got 82 by the end of 2019. Check the fast charging growth rate below:

Top European Countries For Increase Of EV Fast Chargers:

Turkey +1,071%

Romania +336%

Lithuania +266%

Finland +128%

Greece +125%

Slovakia +108%

Spain +101%

Portugal +85%

Germany +81%

Czechia +77%

ACEA Fears CO2 Emission Reduction TargetsIn Europe Won’t Be Met

Although it does not solve the lack of absolute numbers, the study informed the European countries with the best fast-charging networks.

European Countries With Highest Number Of Fast Chargers:

Germany - 6,069

UK – 4,960

Norway – 3,426

France – 2,040

Spain – 1,244

Netherlands – 1,072

Sweden - 1,030

Switzerland - 974

Italy - 919

Austria - 594

When you see amazing percentages around, remember that they can be very deceitful without the numbers they refer to.

Source: Carwow

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