When Elon Musk asked his followers what they thought about a Giga Texas, people got excited about the possibility of a new factory for Tesla. Anyway, it is in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that the company is looking for manufacturing specialists, as you can see in the image above and on the Careers page at the Tesla website. There is no word of a production facility in Canada. What will these people do at that Canadian branch?

If you consider the job description for them, the majority is for CNC specialists. CNC stands for computer numerical control, and it automates the process of sculpting metal parts. That is used mostly in the casting process, either to finish die-cast parts or to create the die-cast molds, as Robert J. Schaefer told us when explaining the cast parts of the future Model Y.

The Model Y may explain why Tesla needs CNC specialists, but why in Canada? Will the company make the molds there and send them to Fremont? Or is it related to something else?

What Is Tesla Planning To Manufacture In Canada?

The person that discovered that was our reader Stéphane Corlosquet. He lives in Richmond Hill and told us something else that can be instrumental in understanding these hirings. Hibar Systems is also in that Canadian city. We told you in October when Tesla bought it.

Hibar Systems will probably help Tesla manufacture its own battery cells along with Maxwell. But why do they need CNC specialists? Will the cylinder cell cases be cast? If they will, why did Tesla choose this method?

Tesla Buys Hibar Systems In Another Effort To Make Its Own Batteries

If you happen to know anything about cylinder cell manufacturing or any other reason for Tesla to be hiring so many people involved with manufacturing in Richmond Hill, do as Corlosquet and drop us a tip on the reasons for that.

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