Opel Ampera-e (the European version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, introduced by GM before Opel was acquired by the PSA Group) soon will retire, as the company is ready with its own EVs (Opel Corsa-e).

Customers in the last few markets, where the Opel Ampera-e is still available, are now able to purchase or lease the car cheaper than ever before.

In the Netherlands, the prices start at €34,149 (some €10,650 below previous price of €44,799)!

"Amsterdam . Opel has greatly reduced the price of the fully electric Ampera-e. Stock models in the Business version are available from € 34,149 (was € 44,799); for the Business Executive version the starting price has been reduced to € 37,149 (was € 48,449). The price reductions have been prompted by the run-out of this electric model, as well as the changed addition percentages. Mentioned prices include VAT."

A few years ago many of us had big hopes with the Opel Ampera-e entering the European market, especially since there was no competition in the mainstream segment for a 60 kWh model with a range of up to 423 km (263 miles) WLTP.

Unfortunately, limited supplies of cars imported from the U.S. and a price higher than previously anticipated, means that we rarely saw Ampera-e in high positions in the sales stats.

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Source: Opel, pushevs.com, electrive.com

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