Ever imagine what the Rivian R1T would look like in Lincoln Blackwood form? Neither did we, but you don't have to wonder anymore as this render shows precisely that. Meet the Lincoln-Rivian Blackwood pickup truck.

With the recent news that Rivian would be working with Lincoln on an upcoming electric vehicle (expected to be an SUV) it was only a matter of time before the first set of Rivian-Lincoln renders surfaced and here they are.

Gallery: Rivian R1T Rendered As Lincoln Blackwood

These images comes to us courtesy of the Rivian Owners forum. The uploader of the images states:

With Lincoln and Rivian working together on a new electric vehicle, could we see the return of a Lincoln pickup truck down the road?

These renderings give us a look at what the R1T would look like if it was re-branded as a Lincoln Blackwood, like the old truck from the 2000's.

The renders do look pretty slick, but we don't believe that Rivian and Lincoln are working on a truck together. Rather, rumors and reports, as well as some insider info, suggest a large electric SUV is much more likely.

Regardless, the R1T wears the Blackwood treatment rather well we think.

Flip on through the gallery above, but prepare yourself, as there are some surprise images within.

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