With the reality that Tesla's federal EV tax credit eligibility is now a thing of the past, there are concerns that the Silicon Valley all-electric automaker could see reduced U.S. sales going forward. However, as YouTube influencer Andy Slye points out, Tesla continues to prove it has many key advantages, which should help it remain successful in the future. 

As many of you may already know, the 2020 Fully Charged LIVE event recently took place in Austin, Texas. In fact, it was the first time the event made its way to North America. Our own Wade Malone was on hand at the event, along with many good friends and YouTube influencers we follow, such as Sean Mitchell and Andy Slye.

Sadly, though not unexpected, Fully Charged didn't air the show on its YouTube channel. This is likely because it's arguably more important to get people to attend the show in person, and we're pretty sure the publication knew full-well some attendees would be posting their own articles and videos. Nonetheless, the fullychargedshow YouTube channel has a plethora of outstanding content that we recommend checking out when you have time.

At any rate, Andy Slye showcased 10 reasons Tesla is in a position to continue its success, despite the loss of its tax credit eligibility. You can pretend you attended the show by checking out his presentation above.

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Video Description via Andy Slye on YouTube:

How Tesla Wins With No More Tax Credit: Top 10 Advantages!

This was my talk at Fully Charged Live North America on how Tesla will continue to thrive in 2020 and beyond even without a tax credit advantage.

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