If you want to test your Tesla Model 3 on a dyno, there's a new hidden Tesla feature that will allow you to do so. It disables safety features such as traction control, stability control, and automatic emergency braking. However, it was never officially revealed or publicized by Tesla, though an EPA finding made it public. 

Sadly, this 'private' feature could end up leading to plenty of negative news for Tesla, as owners could exploit it in the wrong way. At least one Tesla owner has already crashed his car using the testing feature while driving on public roads. Check that out in the related articles below.

It seems Tesla has hidden it on purpose in the hope it would only be available for testing purposes. This assumed forethought, if proven true, was a smart choice by Tesla since Dyno Mode is clearly not meant for driving on public roads and not designed for using your car to show off ridiculous drifting, spinouts, doughnuts, etc. Tesla not only hides the feature and asks for a password, but also reminds users upon engagement that it's not for use on public roads.

Nonetheless, our friend Sasha Anis from Mountain Pass Performance, who has already figured out how to hack into Tesla's system and disengage such Tesla safety features like traction control, is enamored with this newfound capability. This is because it makes his job of testing and adding Tesla aftermarket upgrades even easier.

Fortunately, unlike some Tesla owners who are making terrible choices, he tests the cars in a safe and controlled environment, with all the necessary safety requirements in mind.

Let us know what you think about Tesla's new, 'private' Dyno Test Mode.

Video Description via Sasha Anis (Mountain Pass Performance) on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 - How To Activate DYNO TEST MODE!

Credit to Long Ranger on www.TeslaOwnersOnline.com for uncovering Dyno Mode in an EPA finding!


Here is a very simple tutorial on how to disable all the traction and stability control nannies on your Tesla Model 3!

Watch as we run a Model 3 Performance on the dyno, drift in the snow, and compare Stock vs. Dyno Test Mode vs. MPP Partybox for both drifting and launching.

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