It's about time the official 2020 Tesla Semi matchbox car arrives. Sure, the massive all-electric hauler has not yet come to market, but it was unveiled over two years ago. Since then, Tesla has not kept the truck a secret. The Tesla Semi is immediately recognizable and has been spotted on numerous occasions, driving all over the United States.

Matchbox just released its Tesla Semi as part of its Matchbox Convoys range, which consists of 1:90 scale semi-trailer truck models.

It seems Tesla's not too far behind Matchbox, as the automaker made it more official in this week's Q4 2019 Earnings report that deliveries of the electric hauler are set to begin later this year.

What's next? We're almost certain a Tesla Cybertruck Matchbox car would be a huge hit. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out once again during this week's Tesla Q4 2019 Earnings call:

"I have never actually seen such a level demand... we've never seen anything like it basically. I think we will make as many as we can sell for many years... it's going to be pretty nuts... and I think actually the product is better than people realize even, they don't have enough information to realize the awesomeness of it. It's just great."

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for that Matchbox Cybertruck. In the meantime, check out Erik Strait's unboxing video above. Then, visit his YouTube channel to learn how you can enter to win the new Tesla Semi Matchbox Convoy.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

2020 Matchbox Tesla Semi; First Look! Giving Away 5 Semi Trucks!

Check out the new 2020 Matchbox Tesla Semi Truck!

FYI, this video is meant for Tesla owners/fans - not for kids. Even though it features matchbox/hotwheels cars.

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