This new sighting of a Tesla Cybertruck presents what the video uploader describes as a chase. Is the Tesla Model X really chasing the Cybertruck though? This doesn't appear to be the case. Especially since the Model X doesn't follow the pickup truck as it makes a right turn.

However, we do get a new look at the Cybertruck in a setting that appears to be where it debuted at. In fact, this video may have even been captured on the night of the Cybertruck's debut.

It's been quite a while since we've seen any sighting of the Cybertruck out inh the wild. First, the truck was caught in motion driving down a street. This brief video didn't show us much though. A bit later, we caught our first solid looks at the Cybertruck, including some extreme close-ups of Tesla's new pickup truck.

After that, the sightings increase a bit when Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to take the Cybertruck out for a night or two on the town. The truck was spotted at speed on the highway and then again at a high-scale restaurant.

Of late though, the public sightings have died down. It's quite likely the truck has been put away for now as the focus is on getting the Tesla Model Y into production and delivered to buyers. Deliveries are actually expected to start very soon and the hype for the Y is definitely on the rise now.

Video description via Riz on YouTube:

I tried and failed to keep up with the Tesla Cybertruck While Driving a Tesla Model X.

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