One of the things my wife complained about when we first got our Model 3 was the fact that there wasn’t an automatic trunk lift. It’s a handy feature to have in some circumstances, and it’s something she expected to be included on such a high-tech vehicle. So, when our good friends over at Evannex offered me a set of their remote trunk openers to review, I happily accepted.

Evannex actually offers automatic openers for the Model 3’s frunk as well as the trunk, and they surprised me when both sets arrived instead of just the rear trunk lifts that I was expecting. 

The first thing I noticed is that the lifts appear to be high quality, and are at least as good as the original equipment lifts that come with the Model 3. That wasn't surprising as we've come to expect only high-quality products from Evannex. The trunk lifts are definitely beefier and more powerful than the original equipment lifts and they include a thick compression spring to help give the pneumatic lift and initial boost when the trunk is opened.

Evannex frunk lifts
The Evannex trunk replacement lifts

The installation process couldn’t be any easier and all you need is a flathead screwdriver. Simply pry the pressure band of the Tesla OEM lifts (do the upper part first) out about an eighth of an inch and then pull the lift out of its ball socket. Repeat the same process on the other end of the lift and the original lift is removed. Make sure you don’t completely remove the pressure band, because it will be difficult to put it back on the lift. If you do accidentally remove it, you’ll only need to put it back on if you ever want to put the original equipment lifts back on the car, because the Evannex lifts have their own pressure bands. 

Once the OEM lift is removed, you're ready to install the Evannex pneumatic lifts. You simply pop the lower end into the socket on the car and then repeat the same for the top. The frunk hood can support itself up with only one of the hydraulic lifts in place, but the trunk lid is heavier, and you need to support the trunk up while you replace the lifts, or it will crash down on you during the process.

Evannex frunk lifts
You need to slightly lift the pressure bands up and then pull the OEM lift out

Most people will find that they are able to change both lifts for either the frunk or the trunk in under 15 minutes. We didn’t include these in our “Tesla Model 3 Must-Have Model 3 Accessory List” because they probably something that most Model 3 owners won’t think they absolutely need, but we do think they are a cool feature to add to an already really cool car.

Evannex sells the lifts for $49.95 for a set of two lifts, so you can install them on both the trunk and frunk for $100.00 and that's a good deal as far as I'm concerned. Even if you don't use them often for the intended purpose, you'll surely get some kicks showing off how they work to your friends and family.  

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