When the Tesla Cybertruck was officially unveiled, many people seemed puzzled and even unimpressed. This came as a bit of a surprise since Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned us on multiple occasions that it wouldn't be traditional. However, regardless of expectations, we must admit the Cybertruck did surprise us in more ways than one.

It seemed people either loved or hated the concept, at least initially. Now, it appears more people are coming around and finding value in the future truck's polarizing design, primarily due to its otherworldly prowess.

In fact, the Tesla Cybertruck has received a ton of press, most of which has started to take a more positive spin. Moreover, artists, engineers, CGI experts, gamers, makers, musicians, other celebrities, and YouTube influencers have been touting the concept and even using it in their work.

Clearly, the Tesla Cybertruck and its wildly unique facade has become an inspiration to many artists, makers, and even toy builders. This is likely because it's not going to be confused with anything else on the market today, and it definitely turns heads. Check out the awesome video above. Then, have a look at our massive gallery below. As always, leave us a comment.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Debut

Video Description via Quad Squad CZ on YouTube:

DIY RC Tesla Cybertruck - 1/8 MonsterTruck

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