The Chinese plug-in car market remains on a downward course (year-over-year) without the support of generous incentives, but November was actually the best sales month since June, which gives us hope of a gradual rebound.

The EV Sales Blog reports over 83,000 plug-in car sales (down 42% year-over-year), at still a pretty decent 4% market share. BEVs (down 36%) control close to 88% of the plug-in car sales (3.5% market share).

After 11 months of 2019, sales stand at over 1,041,000 (13% above 920,000 a year ago). The average market share is 5.4%.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – November 2019


Model rank

While the top-selling models remain China-made, the foreign OEMs were able to increase share in the overall plug-in car segment to 15%, mostly thanks to offering higher-end models (more immune to lack of/or lower incentives).

Another finding is that BYD is now struggling to stay in top positions as sales decreased even quicker than average.

The models that shine are Baojun E-Series (a small and affordable model that catches onto BEV subsidies), BAIC EU-Series (one of the favorites of Chinese consumers) and new models like GAC Aion S, Tesla Model 3 or Geely Geometry A (those three accounted for 16% share in the plug-in segment). Also, the MG ZS EV (available in a few markets outside China) managed to score a noticeable result in November.

Top for the month:

  1. Baojun E-Series – 9,809
  2. BAIC EU-Series - 6,258
  3. GAC Aion S - 5,538
  4. Tesla Model 3 - 4,658
  5. MG ZS EV - 3,687

Top 20 for the year:


Source: EV Sales Blog

* Since June 26, 2019:

  • No more subsidies for New Energy Vehicles with a range below 250 km (155 miles) NEDC
  • halved subsidies (to 24,750 yuan / roughly $3,500+) for higher range models
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