This Tesla Model 3 gets smashed while inside an automatic car wash. The result? A crushed trunk and water pouring into the car. See the video right here.

When you pull into an automatic car wash, you might expect a scratch or two from the machinery within, but you likely don't anticipate getting nailed from behind by a large pickup truck.

That's precisely what happens in this video here. As the Tesla slowly enters the automatic car wash, you can see a Chevy Silverado get in line behind. As the truck pulls up to the car wash, the driver seemingly gives it a bit too much gas and, in doing so, crashes into the rear of the Model 3 quite hard.

Gallery: Tesla Hit By Truck At Car Wash

There was significant damage to the Tesla, according to the owner. After the impact, the trunk lid was slightly opened and this allowed "lots of water" to come right in and soak belongings.

Of all the places you might expect to get hit by another vehicle, an automatic car wash is probably among the most unlikely, but here it is.

Video title and description via CharlesP2009 on YouTube:

Chevy Silverado Driver Rear Ends My Tesla Model 3 Inside A Car Wash

Spent the night up north in Prescott enjoying the snow and after getting back to the valley I wanted to wash off the road salt. Was a bit pressed for time before work and, even though I prefer not to use an automatic car wash, I decided to visit this one. FML. The driver of the Chevy Silverado hits my car and it was captured on TeslaCam.

Trunk is smashed in; can't open it from app, touchscreen or exterior button. Lots of water from the car was poured in and soaked my belongings. And all on a Sunday so I can't get it to Tesla until tomorrow morning.

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