Kia is present at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China with 11 models on display and one of them is an all-new midsize electric sedan Kia K3 EV.

The K3 EV, released exclusively for the Chinese market, joins the gasoline K3 and Kia K3 Plug-in Hybrid versions already put on the market.

In terms of specs, it's expected that the K3 EV will get similar specs as the new Hyundai Lafesta EV (56.5 kWh CATL battery and more than 490 km/305 mi of range), also shown for the very first time at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

Sales of the K3 EV should start in the coming month we believe.

Li Feng, the Chief Executive Officer of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motors Co. said:
“Kia Motors aims to showcase its vision of moving forward through the KX3, Futuron and K3 EV. By encouraging innovation in product, technology and customer satisfaction, Kia Motors is actively responding to the rapid changes sweeping across China’s automotive market.”
A quick look at the K3 EV:
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