With the Tesla Cybertruck debut now behind us, we take a look back at promises made by Elon Musk to see if the truck delivers on his claims.

This Cybertruck cheat sheet largely covers mentions made by Musk and now we can take a look at it while knowing the specs, range, towing, price and more of the revealed Cybertruck.


We've covered virtually every single detail found on this sheet in one form or another. And most all of this info is included in post titled "Tesla Pickup Truck: Everything We Know: Price, Range, Reveal Date."

In bullet form, here are some of the major highlights from the cheatsheet:

  • 400-500 mile range or more
  • Seating for up to six
  • Price of under $50,000
  • Performance of a Porsche 911
  • Meet or beat both the Ram and Ford F-150

The debuted of the Cybertruck revealed that it does indeed match those 5 highlights listed above. However, we should note that Musk's towing claim of 300,000 pounds was as bogus as they come. In top form, the Cybertruck's tow rating is 14,000. Nowhere near Musk's outrageous claim.

Additionally, the Cybertruck's starting price is far lower than expected at $39,900.



But on all of the other claims found in the cheatsheet, it seems the Cybertruck was/is as promised by Musk.

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