According to the EPA's website, there may exist a 2020 Tesla Model S Standard Range, as well as a Model X Standard Range. As we were checking the website for range figures, we came across these two new models. 

The Model S Standard Range shows a total range of 287 miles, and the Model X Standard Range is rated at 258 miles.

It's important to note that just because a vehicle shows up on the EPA fuel economy website doesn't mean it's available. However, it could mean it's going to eventually be available.


When it comes to how Tesla handles such situations, this gets a bit more interesting, however. As you likely know, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is reportedly still available to purchase, but it's not actually listed on the automaker's website. Essentially, you have to know it exists and then go to a Tesla store and "special order" it.

Does this mean the 2020 Model S and X Standard Range vehicles already exist? If they did, they wouldn't likely be listed for order on Tesla's website. Much like the Model 3 Standard Range, you would have to make an attempt to special order one. Chances are, these cars would have a battery pack that's software-limited and would come pretty stripped, meaning without Autopilot and other features that we know are missing from the Model 3 Standard Range.

We've reached out to Tesla to get clarification on these new 2020 Model S and X variants. Once we hear back, we'll update this article.

This is a developing story ...

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