The Baja 1000 inspires lots of manufacturers. The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has developed the SCG Boot, a vehicle that we would love to see as an EV. If it does not happen, we may see Rivian try to show how well it could do in a competition with a racing version of the R1T. The guys at the RivianOwnersForum would call it R1T Baja Race Truck.

Gallery: Rivian R1T race truck rendering

Should the electric car company ever decide to have a racing team, the Baja 1000 would be just one of the races in which we could see this radical electric pickup truck. The Dakkar Rally would also receive it with open arms, as well as the Trophée Andros, explicitly developed for electric cars.

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The artists that created the R1T Baja Race Truck did not disclose much of what they would expect it to have in terms of off-road specific technical characteristics, such as departure angle. They speak mostly of a “beefed-up version of the body-on-frame skateboard architecture.”

The pickup would certainly abandon the metal body in exchange for an aerodynamic and light bubble under a spaceframe. The brand supporters would also like it to have 36-in of suspension travel “and beadlock wheels on Baja-tough tires.”

Rivian Shows Old Prototype Of R1T On YouTube And New One On Twitter

In terms of power, nothing less than the 180 kWh megapack, able to produce 700 hp, would be expected. We just wonder if it would not be too heavy for the Baja 1000. Perhaps a lighter battery pack would allow it to be faster and to travel further. 

If this competition version ever appears, it could inspire an R1T Raptor. Fundamentally different – since it would have to retain the production body – but also very capable of tackling dunes, rocks, and everything that made the F-150-based vehicle such a success. 

Rivian Shows Old Prototype Of R1T On YouTube And New One On Twitter

The main difference would be the high energy efficiency and the ability not to put a single extra gram of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere. They would just have to hire Greg Coles and Bill Scaglia. Or buy their Solar Charging trailer.

Source: RivianOwnersForum

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