There's little doubt that the Tesla Model Y will take the world by storm. Tesla has already proven that its current entry-level vehicle — the Model 3 — has wowed audiences all over the planet and increased EV adoption by leaps and bounds.

Despite the fact that the Model Y didn't impress some folks due to its shared platform with the Model 3 and lack of new design cues, it has the potential to outsell all combined Tesla vehicles to date. This is because the Model Y is essentially a more versatile Model 3 with a minimal price boost. If you thought the Model 3 was popular and is selling incredibly well, hold your horses for what's in store in terms of Model Y global sales.

The above video is interesting since it takes a previous YouTube video — hosted by Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) and Gali Russell (Hyperchange TV) — and slims things down for us. We're honest to say that while we did watch the supporting video, we didn't share it due to its length. 

If you have some time to watch the original video, we believe it has lots to offer. However, if not, the above video does a stellar job of summarizing the conversation about the Tesla Model Y.

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Video Description via HyperClips on YouTube:

I Think They Have Been Sandbagging Just How Profitable This Is | Model Y

Big thank you to Sean Mitchell for allowing us to use the footage from his channel. In this clip, Gali and Sean Mitchell discuss the impact of the Model Y on Tesla's financials. You can check out the full video here:

Original date of video: 11/05/19

Thank you to Ben Sullins at Teslanomics for the footage from the shareholder meeting. You can find the full video here:

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