How much of a difference does the latest Tesla Model 3 upgrade make?

Since Tesla does regular over-the-air updates to its fleets' performance and features on a regular basis, it's always interesting to see how an updated vehicle compares to one that hasn't yet had the update.

It's important to note that as Tesla rolls out its latest updates across its global fleet, it takes time. Not all cars will be updated right away, and some users may choose to forego the update for a period of time.

YouTuber Jenny Walsh was fortunate to have access to two Tesla Model 3 sedans: one that hasn't yet experienced the recent update and one that has.

Interestingly, Walsh says they've actually raced these two Model 3 Long Range AWD sedans in the past. So, it made sense to run the numbers again, since her Model 3 Long Range hasn't yet been updated, though her friend's Model 3 has taken on the update. 

Prior to the update, the cars appeared to be pretty evenly matched, which is good since it allows for a control on the test situation. Walsh also points out that they made sure both cars were at the same state of charge and had tires at the same pressure.

Watch the video to learn about the results. Then, send us a message in the comment section.

Video Description via Jenny Walsh on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 2019.36.2.1 performance upgrade test race

Our friend got the software update that supposedly increases performance by 5%, and we don’t have it yet. Since we have raced with our friend before and matched evenly every time we thought this was the perfect opportunity to truly test this new update and it’s claims at a performance boost.

Both Model 3s are long range dual motor. Both were charged to 190 miles left on the battery and had the same exact psi in the tires. We raced with both of the front windows down and both cars. The passenger counted down.

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