Fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes can threaten more than your time on Earth. They can also affect lots of aspects of your life, including the power supply to your house. Mother Nature is mostly unpredictable, so you have to take precautions. Proper life insurance for starters, but you can add Tesla Solar and Powerwall to your list if you do not want to be in the dark if a natural disaster comes along. That is what the DÆrik YouTube channel showed with this video above.

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Erik Strait and his partner managed to live 200 hours disconnected from the power grid solely on solar energy, power storage, and two electric cars in their garages, which is pretty impressive. Both say they did not feel any difference, as if they never needed to be connected to the grid.

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It is interesting to see how much energy their Tesla Solar can produce and how smoothly everything seems to have happened. Of course, it is not a cheap solution, but it may surely be worth considering if you can afford to have it.

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Besides the benefits, Strait points to things that could be improved on the system, such as a vehicle to grid capability or the ability to make the cars communicate with the system. That would allow them not to charge if there was a power shortage, for example.

In that case, the cars could quickly deplete the Powerwall system, and you would end up with a vehicle able to drive, but with no power for your house. In a sense, you could use the car to get somewhere with no power shortages, but that is not the point in having a Powerwall, right?

Have a look at the video and check how Tesla Solar and Powerwall can help you.

Video Description Via DÆrik On YouTube:

With all the issues in California with the power company turning off people’s power for several days or weeks at a time, we wanted to put our Tesla Solar system to the ultimate test. 200+ hours off-grid testing during 3 winter storms. Here are the results.

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