Anyone who has been following our sales chart over the past 6 months knows that we've been having more frequent issues with automakers continuing to withhold sales information on their plug-in models or switching to quarterly sales reports. This is no longer just an issue with Tesla and Chevrolet, it is happening industry-wide.

We had been looking for a partner in sales reporting. Unfortunately, when it comes to plug-in sales, most other sources are in the same boat. 

Of course, continuing to document EV sales growth in some capacity is important to us. So last month I presented these issues to our readers and laid out a rough plan to switch our report to quarterly updates. The most accurate data we can obtain will not be available until the end of each quarter.

Reader response was overwhelmingly positive and we greatly appreciate the support from everyone as we made this tough decision. 

As I stated at the time, this was subject to change. For the most part, we will be moving forward with that plan as is. However, after discussing it with the team and getting feedback from readers we've decided to switch Tesla to quarterly as well.

The reason our site began estimating Tesla sales in the first place was to keep the chart consistent. Previously, almost every automaker reported monthly and most automakers would report their plug-in sales or provide them by request. Because this is no longer the case and we are switching every other model to quarterly, it makes sense to do the same with Tesla.

Moving forward we will only post monthly articles on automakers willing to provide their monthly break downs. Every other model will switch to quarterly beginning this month. At the end of Q4, we will estimate October, November and December so that the 2019 chart ends the year completely filled. Beginning in 2020, the chart will switch to Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. In other words, the sales chart is not going away but is instead evolving along with changing industry reporting. 

Hopefully, automakers swing back towards more transparency in the near future. Until then, thank you again to the InsideEVs community for your understanding and rest assured that we will continue to document EV growth in the years to come. 

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