The above footage just goes to prove why we need advanced driver assistance technologies and eventual self-driving cars. Of course, we're speculating when we say the Honda Civic driver appears to be inattentive to the road ahead and the Tesla in its lane, but we honestly feel very safe with that assessment.

There's really no reason with today's technology that any driver should have to be concerned about getting violently hit in the rear. Sure, there are extenuating circumstances like a car pulling out of the line of fire at the very last minute, leaving you to notice stopped cars ahead. There's also the situation of a sudden crash ahead that you didn't plan for, though you should always be following at a safe enough distance that you can respond and act quickly to negate the worst results.

With that said, computers / robots / technology have been proven time and time again to be exponentially faster at such responses than human drivers. Sadly, while most new cars come with such active safety tech, there are still many older cars on the road that do not. To add insult to injury (so to speak), many of those older cars may be piloted by new, young, inexperienced drivers and/or elderly folks that just don't have the reflexes they used to.

Had the Civic had forward collision warning and automatic high-speed emergency braking, this may have never happened — or, at the very least, the collision could have been much less "forceful."

At any rate, it's important to always remain aware when driving. Additionally, we need to collectively promote the latest in advanced safety tech and the advent of self-driving cars. Yes, there will surely be issues with the new tech along the way, but we're confident that systems like Tesla Autopilot can work to help more people than it hurts.

Video Description via WooGlobe on YouTube:

Tesla Rear-End Car Crash With Honda Civic

"Tesla Model 3 enters the exit ramp towards I-695 from I-295 in Baltimore-Washington Pkwy, Linthicum Heights, MD and is rear-ended by a Honda Civic!"

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