While InsideEVs doesn't follow or regularly report on Tesla stock, shorters, haters, and FUD, it tends to come up on an increasing basis. We don't hold Tesla stock, nor do we really care about its overall worth, etc. Thus, we work to remain neutral and not dive deeply into the situation since it's truly a ridiculous mess on both sides.

Nonetheless, the situation has become almost inevitable, as well as unavoidable at times, and it's always interesting to us to see what people have to say about Tesla on both sides of the debate. Moreover, we've been really surprised by all of the recent vandalism, keyings, destruction, and incredibly negative social media posts, as well as that of many mainstream media outlets.

Kim from the popular YouTube channel Like Tesla seems to have many of the same questions and concerns that we have. This comes as no surprise since many Tesla fans and Tesla haters likely question the same situations.

We are well aware that not all folks have the time or may not even want to watch lengthy YouTube videos. On the contrary, many people would rather check out a video than actually read an article. For these reasons, we appreciate that Kim from Like Tesla has taken the time to break down the details in the form of an in-depth video description.

Video Description via Like Tesla on YouTube:

Why Some People HATE Tesla...

Video Details:

What most Tesla owners know is that all Teslas built over the past several years are now capable recording video from at least 4 cameras at all times. Basically you’re getting a 360 view of the car all times, so it goes without saying that messing with Teslas is not a great idea.
In fact, just about anyone who has publicized their Tesla cam vandalism and hate videos online, has resulted in the arrest of the people responsible.

Just in the past couple of months there was a woman in Colorado who keyed a Model 3 as she walked passed it, and it was completely without any prior incident whatsoever. After this video was publicized, she turned herself in and was charged with a felony. There have also been dozens of documented keyings, the hit and runs and leggings too. And a classic one is vandalizing public Tesla Supercharging stations. Needless to say, you should never mess with other peoples cars, especially if they are Teslas as every one of these incidents led to the arrest of the people responsible.

In fact, I recently did a poll up on my twitter account and about 90% of Tesla owners who responded said they have sentry mode active and recording at some point or another in a course of a day. Of course, there have always been staged incidents of supercharger blocking, charge cable and coal rolling too.
Some of these may not have always been intentional, but all of these incidents have happened in Teslas home turf here in the US.

But I’m curious if you feel most of these incidents are directed specifically at the brand Tesla and why there might be so much animosity towards an American company, who employs an American work force and is pushing the boundaries of tech and innovation in the car space.
Why Americans would want to root against it?

We know mainstream media seems to have a bias against Tesla, and that might sense since most advertisers with the biggest wallets are big oil and the legacy automakers.
And maybe I’m wrong here and Porsches, Audi’s and Mercedes get egged, keyed and vandalized all the time and since they don’t have built in cameras running all the time, they’re not as widely known but I’m just curious to get the community’s take and also the non Tesla owners perspective on what they see from their point of view when it comes to Tesla as a brand and what it stands for that seems to be so polarizing for people.


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