In just 168 days, Tesla moved from initial permitting procedures to a functional automotive manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, unofficially coined Gigafactory 3. We will say that it's somewhat strange that this is a referred to as a Gigafactory since it's not a battery factory, but instead, a factory that will produce the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

When Tesla first announced plans for an automotive factory in China, many skeptics and naysayers were sure it couldn't / wouldn't ever come to fruition, at least not quickly, if ever. This was due in part to the Silicon Valley automaker's financial situation, among other concerns.

Gallery: Tesla Giga Shanghai (Tesla Gigafactory 3)

Moreover, sad but true, CEO Elon Musk has proven a track record for tough and potentially unsurmountable timelines, in addition to projects that seem to fall behind, get put on a temporary hold, or never actually materialize.

However, in a large percentage of cases, Musk's visions have always become a reality over time, albeit behind schedule. With that being said, Gigafactory 3 construction started just outside of Shanghai, China near the end of last year — or more officially — at the beginning of 2019, following the groundbreaking ceremony.

Around the time of the new year, skeptics posted images online and via social media with an attempt to prove that Tesla was at a complete standstill regarding the massive project. As it turns out, speedy construction efforts began shortly thereafter. Regardless of some established holidays, the plan was going to be carried out without fail. Still, the speed with which it was completed is truly compelling to say the least.

Now, we have proof that Gigafactory Shanghai is nearly completed, employees are in place, and production is already possible. After checking out the latest images above, please scroll down further and let us know your thoughts in our comment section.


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