Perhaps we should have titled this, "what to do" and "what not to do." As you can clearly see at the very beginning of the video, a Toyota Corolla driver is parked on the right shoulder. It appears the driver pulls back out into traffic without checking for oncoming cars.

Meanwhile, a Tesla Model 3 driver is driving along in the right lane and has to make a quick evasive maneuver. In similar circumstances, some drivers may have veered to the left. However, that could mean causing a collision with another car. Of course, if you are aware of your surroundings and have had time to check the rear, you would know not to move to the left if traffic is coming.

As you can see, the Tesla driver is either well aware of what's coming from behind, simply a highly skilled driver, or perhaps the car's safety systems / Autopilot kicked in? One can only assume that Autopilot wouldn't veer to the left if it sensed oncoming traffic in that lane. Instead, it would have to avoid the car by moving quickly to the right, all while making sure not to hit the divider.

Human or robot, evasive maneuvers like this don't always turn out well in many cars. Some SUVs would likely roll. Other cars are just not agile enough to pull it off. Tesla vehicles are considerably lithe and — like many other EVs — have a low, well-distributed center of gravity due to their skateboard-style battery packs. 

While we'll never know what happened for sure, the footage is definitely interesting. Do you think this was the work of Tesla Autopilot or simply an alert, well-trained driver? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Serge Shkolniy on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 crash avoided

Tesla Model 3 avoids crash, corolla just drove out from dead stop right back to the freeway

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