We're jealous, as this looks like it was an exciting day out at No Fly Zone in Gila Bend, Arizona. If you're not familiar with No Fly Zone, it's simply an airfield in Arizona that is open for hosting racing events. Most of the races we've seen at the airfield are of the 1/2-mile side-by-side variety.

We've watched and published a plethora of Tesla Model 3 Performance races, as well as a multitude of Tesla races in general. For a time, seeing the Model S and Model X facing off against some of the world's top-performing beasts was a daily occurrence. Who knew that Tesla's smaller, less expensive, entry-level sedan would join the club?

At any rate, we've embedded all the Tesla Model 3 Performance footage from No Fly Zone below. Watch the Model 3 race everything from another Model 3 Performance, to a Shelby Mustang, Viper, Trackhawk, Lamborghini, Camaro, and Hellcat. Some of these competing models are modified, while others are not.

Enjoy the videos! Then, leave us a comment.

Video Description via Mar10 W6 on YouTube:

Model 3 Performance vs 750 hp Shelby Mustang 1/2 mile

Model 3 Performance vs 750hp Shelby Mustang 1/2 mile race at No Fly Zone Gila Bend. Batteries were getting hot so the car was down about 4 mph at the half mile.

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