Don't watch if swearing is an issue for you.

If you're a huge fan of mind-blowing acceleration and Tesla vehicles, then it makes sense that you would be excited to finally get a ride in a Model S. And not just any Model S, but the "world's fastest." That was recently the case for Christian McMaster. Lucky for us, he not only filmed his dream ride-along, but also placed the experience in a longer clip to add context and enhance the story.

When we click on the video at the top of the page, we learn McMaster is recording tons of fast cars at Drag Week 2019. He makes it clear just how much he loves the racing scene and this event in particular. He shares some footage of that action and lets us know we can find a lot more on the 1320video YouTube channel.

The centerpiece of this video, though, happens inside the cabin of a very quick Tesla Model S. Its interior stripped out for added lightness and sporting a set of racing chairs, this very vehicle recently broke the NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) record time for production electric vehicles (10.766 seconds at 122.3 miles per hour as of his writing).

Despite having spent time in some very quick cars in the past, McMaster is not disappointed by the gut-punch of the P100D at launch. If you haven't clicked that play button yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Video description:

I attended Drag Week 2019 to make daily videos for 1320Video. I was filming and editing my face off the whole week and managed to fit in a bit of my own filming to bring you guys this video! I take a ride in George's Tesla (during the week he broke the world record for the quickest Tesla quarter mile pass. Someone came forward and said they have it but it's only 0.00X seconds faster so idk who knows.) You can't really modify these things, so there's just a ton of weight reduction and it was A FREAKING BLAST. I'm excited to bring you guys better vlogs in the future!

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