The main production building at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai is finally completed and according to the latest news, series production of the Model 3 is now expected from October 14 on.

Additionally, construction work is quickly progressing at the second, smaller building on the southern side. Let's take a look at the last videos from September.

Video Description via Jason Yang on YouTube:

(Sep 27 2019)Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai Construction Update 4K

Three days ago, Chinese officials reported that the Gigafactory 3 main body was completed, and EIon also released news, and the stock market gave a 6% increase in response.

The painted modle 3 body was posted on the Chinese website.SAINT GOBAIN has built a factory at 8KM from Gigafactory 3 and will start offering automotive glass for modle 3 after 2 weeks.Everything is telling Chinese users that they may get their scheduled Tesla Modle 3 before Christmas.

Video Description via 乌瓦 on YouTube:

Chinese-made Tesla will start production on October 14Tesla gigafactory 3 in shanghai特斯拉上海超级工厂4K

In a field in Lingang, the rice ears of rice have been bent over and they will be harvested in October, which is also a world-class factory not far from it: the period of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory harvest. After 8 months of construction, the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was completed with the “Shanghai Speed” and everything is ready. On October 14th, outside the United States, the first Tesla MODEL3 was born. We are Excited, look forward to it!

Video Description via JayinShanghai on YouTube:

(Sep 26 2019) Tesla Gigafactory 3 Drone Flyover in Shanghai, China | Revealed 20 Stall Supercharger

26.09.2019 Newest Drone Shot of Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. Many surprises uncovered 20 Stall Supercharger Hidden in the Southern part of the Gigafactory. Do you see it?
Credit to Jack666 (His Dream car is a Model X)
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