It looks like Canada will be the next country equipped with its own coast-to-coast Supercharger network for Tesla motorists.

It is part of the largest Supercharger expansion effort to date with a record 100 supercharger stations currently under construction and 92 stations permitted for Tesla throughout global markets.

Nearly 25% of the expansion is happening in Canada as part of a massive effort to provide the nation with a coast-to-coast network. There are still some permitting voids required to complete this network, but the recent expansion burst makes the task at hand rather obvious.

The U.S. market too is seeing record supercharger expansion with 57 stations currently under construction along with an additional 62 station permits equipping the majority of the U.S. interstate systems with supercharging capacity.

Interstate travel is critical to the adoption of electric transportation and Tesla Motors is not leaving it to chance or time.

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