The Tesla Model 3 Performance is seriously fast, so much so that it blows away the mighty Dodge Charger Hellcat. Watch video of the beat down here both above and from a different point of view below.

It seems HP and torque numbers don't really matter when the drag race challenger is an electric car.

Though down a ton on both horsepower and torque compared to the Dodge Charger Hellcat, the Tesla Model 3 Performance, with its instant electric torque and all-wheel-drive traction, simply crushes the Hellcat time and time again.

You might think that the Hellcat would stand a chance, but again it's simply no match for the Model 3. The Tesla simply rockets away immediately, while the Hellcat is left in the dust waiting for the RPMs to build before gaining some steam and momentum.

It's not like these results are new to us or unexpected. Tesla drag racing domination became a thing back when the Model S launched. However, it wasn't expected that the Model 3 would be so dominant too.

Video descriptions via Chill Cars on YouTube: 

11.769@114.15 (Tesla) vs 12.152@124.46 (Hellcat).

If the race had been 40 feet longer, I was toast as the Charger was coming on strong!

Thanks to Jonathan Reyes-Santos for the footage!


Tesla onboard camera view of Hellcat Charger race (no sound)

Useful for seeing what the run looked like from close up.

Most of my runs against 600+ HP cars shows me pulling until about 100mph, then they pull against me, but very few make it past me in time. So, question: would you rather have a car that is quicker from 0-100, or from 100-200?

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