Not a day goes by without some negative press about Tesla's Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system. This is due to some sporadic (and expected) issues that may continue to come forth as the technology matures. However, we venture to bet that the number of lives that such safety systems save is exponential in comparison to the few horrible fatalities and/or accidents/injuries.

The time has come that automakers need to move forward more aggressively with this type of technology. The only way to really get the job done right is to innovate, regardless of anticipated bumps along the way. If you're innovating heavily, there are going to be many concerns/issues. If there aren't problems, you're not pushing hard enough.

The world is full of terrible drivers, people that just make stupid choices, drivers that are too old to see, hear, or react well enough to be on the road. Let's also add drunk drivers, sleepy drivers, youth drivers ... hopefully, you get the point.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Tesla's front crash avoidance technology earns the top rating of Superior. Just the other day, we reported that Germany's carIT Congress awarded Tesla ahead of all others for its Navigate on Autopilot technology. In fact, the technology received the prestigious Connected Car Innovation (CCI) award.

With all of this being said, while most the mainstream media refuses to cover most of Tesla's advances since they're too busy trying to drag the company down, this YouTuber put together a nice "Tesla Car Crash Avoidance Super Cut" video. Essentially, it's a compilation of "saves" via the vehicle's technology.

While this is a small sample from an amateur Tesla owner, we can only assume that the number of occurrences like this is potentially staggering.

Has Tesla Autopilot or the company's safety systems saved you? Have you had a close call that you blame Tesla's tech for? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


Video Description via BarronVonSchnitzel on YouTube:

Tesla Car Crash Avoidance Super Cut


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