There is nothing really green about an electric sports car. Their high energy demand has nothing to do with saving resources, even if it makes the most of the electricity in its batteries. The bottom line is that it is very fun. And this is what Porsche and Tesla are after respectively with the Taycan and the Model S P100D+ Plaid. But there are no superchargers at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. How does Tesla put juice back into its cars? With a massive diesel generator, as Auto Motor Und Sport revealed in a recent article.

***UPDATE: Within hours of posting this article, Tesla stated that it installed a Supercharger at the Nurburgring. You can still see the somewhat wet cement in this image.


Gallery: Blue Tesla Model S P100D+ Plaid Nurburgring

According to the German magazine, Tesla literally camped at the German track to go for its record-breaking attempt. The diesel generator was shipped from the US and it is noisy and dirty, as all generators normally are.

The biggest problem with this one is that it is kept running day and night, which has made the neighbors of the German track really mad. Especially because Tesla is expected to remain there for at least three weeks.

Unfortunately, we cannot publish the picture of the diesel generator, but you can check it out at the Auto Motor Und Sport article or directly in this link from them.

Tesla Model S P100D+ Plaid

We have tried to identify which generator this is, or from which brand, but to no avail. If you are familiar with generators and recognized anything that can help us have an idea about its capacity and fuel consumption, please let us know more in the comments.

Meanwhile, what do you think of a diesel-powered record? Wouldn’t it be better to take Powerpacks that could be transported to any charging place nearby in order to have the Model S P100D+ run on clean energy?

Tesla Megapack Puts Powerpack In Large Packages

Perhaps this is a good opportunity for Elon Musk to propose to build a Megapack close to the Nürburgring Nordschleife or even inside the track area. Electric cars with performance targets will surely need to charge there. Wouldn’t it be ironic to see the competition getting electricity from a Tesla device at the famous German track? Probably as ironic as the fastest Model S ever ultimately running on diesel.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport via Razão Automóvel

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