By the way of unveiling the Honda e and announcing the electrification plan (mostly hybridization), Honda presents also a range of charging solutions for home, public and DC fast charging (with V2G capability).

The solution for retail customers will be the Honda Power Charger, which is basically a Level 2 AC charging point, wall or pedestal mounted, for 7.4 kW single-phase or 22 kW three-phase charging.

"The system has a number of comfort and safety features, including:

  • Auto recovery function, ensuring the charger will try to restart up to 5 times if mains supply is interrupted, minimising issues of lower than expected charge
  • Integration with home-based renewable energy. For example, the maximum permissible amount of charge can be regulated based on a solar photovoltaic array, home battery or heat pump
  • Identification via contactless RFID so only authorised persons can use the system
  • A charging cable locking mechanism

The Power Charger features a input switch functionality, allowing users to benefit from cheaper energy costs at times of low demand."

Honda e charging solutions

To address charging needs in residential areas without a dedicated parking spot, Honda partners with ubitricity, which operates more than 1,700 points in the UK and Germany.

"One of the issues for EV drivers in urban environments is a lack of charging infrastructure. In order to address this problem, Honda, in partnership with charging specialists ubitricity, have developed a solution that allows users to charge in urban on-street scenarios. This technology allows the installation of chargepoints within lamp posts, while a unique cable featuring a mobile metering device allowing charging cost to be linked to the customer’s tariff to remove the need for subscription to several suppliers."

Honda e charging solutions

The third solution is a bi-directional DC Honda Power Manager Prototype, supplied by EVTEC, which might be used in smart grid networks for vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

"Honda Power Manager Prototype previews a bidirectional system that connects electric vehicles to a smart power grid. This “vehicle-to-grid” technology enables the collection and distribution of electricity between EVs and the grid to intelligently balance demand and supply of energy and make better use of renewable sources.

The development of these charging functions will integrate electric vehicles further with existing power networks, allowing energy stored in the vehicle battery to power the home, or to flow back into the energy grid during periods of high demand. The vehicle battery can then be replenished at a time when demand is lower, subject to limits defined by the user.

Honda has developed this technology with bi-directional charging specialists EVTEC Trial activity of this technology will continue before future commercialisation in the early 2020s.

A demonstration of the smart grid system on the Honda stand will show how it is possible to efficiently store energy generated by renewable sources and release it back into the home or sell it back to the grid, presenting revenue opportunities for EV owners in the future.

A demonstration project in London is using EVTEC trial units with a local authority. Energy can be used to charge EVs, power the buildings, and feed electricity back into the grid when required."

Honda e charging solutions

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