There are plenty of worries out there about the fact that Tesla is testing its semi-autonomous driving system/technology — Tesla Autopilot — on Beta mode. While this may cause some major concern not only from owners but also from the media, it's really the way it needs to be.

Editor's Note: Tesla has reached out to us to remind us that in every case they've investigated thus far, where a driver says the car accelerated on its own, they've found that not to be the case. In fact, the cars have always acted as they are supposed to, and if there was any sudden acceleration, it was attributed to something pushing on the pedal (likely a human foot.) The pedals have sensors, which can assure that this is the case. Chances are, as in all previous cases, this occurred due to driver error.

In this recent case, it seems that Tesla's Autopilot tech got confused for some unforeseen reason and darted forward and turned? Or perhaps the accelerator pedal was mistakenly pressed. Seems very strange but who's to know the truth, right?

Have you had your Tesla suddenly change direction and then unexpectedly accelerate? We've seen the system fail to recognize certain things, but not necessarily take control of the car and go completely awry.

Still, the crazy part about any technology is that it can surely be buggy. That's why Tesla encourages us to be aware of the area and circumstances and remain in control of the vehicle at all times. Please scroll down and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Video Description via junel2019 on YouTube:

TeslaCam - sudden acceleration

Slow down to pull up to the driveway. The M3 than jerked forward into a wall. Have a ticket open with Tesla to pull if the acceleration was due to driver input.


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