Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the Model S has set a new lap record for four-door sedans at Laguna Seca. In fact, the Tesla's time of 1:36:55 was a full second quicker than the previous record. Musk said that a video would be released the next day. Tesla released it early, and it exposed a bit of a caveat.


The full story is that the Model S running laps at Laguna Seca was an R&D model affectionately referred to as "Plaid," which, like Ludicrous, comes from the movie Spaceballs. Not long after Tesla released the tweet with the Laguna Seca video, Musk tweeted as well. All of this was followed by plenty of talk about the upcoming Plaid powertrain.


The Plaid powertrain will be available on Tesla Model S, Model X, and Roadster vehicles. We should see it in production form by next year. We'll be providing more details about this exciting development throughout the day.


Video Description via Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model S Fastest Lap at Laguna Seca

We lapped Laguna Seca in 1:36.555 during advanced R&D testing of our Model S Plaid powertrain and chassis prototype — a second faster than the record for a four-door sedan.

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